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Welcome to our menu, where the kitchen celebrates the rich culinary tradition of the region with an innovative twist, highlighting the unique flavors of porcini mushrooms and truffles.


with cheese flakes and restricted to balsamic vinegar
€ 12
[milk-eggs-sulphur dioxide]

Field mixed salad
with crispy Bacon julienne, Grana flakes and Balsamic vinegar reduction
€ 10
[milk-eggs-sulphur dioxide]

Cheese flan
with Porcini cream and Speck Gran King
€ 10
[gluten-mustard-milk-eggs-sulfur dioxide]
[Flan formaggio]

Bunch of Asparagus
with Speck, Melted Parmesan, and Seasonal Truffle
€ 12
[gluten-mustard-milk-celery-sulfur dioxide]

Truffle flan
on Grana Padano cream
€ 11
[gluten-mustard-milk-eggs-sulfur dioxide]
[Flan tartufo]

Delicious crunchy skewer 
with Mortadella DOP and Fontina cheese
€ 9
[gluten-mustard-milk-eggs-sulfur dioxide]

Fried polenta
stick accompanied by Cheese fondue
€ 9
[Polenta fritta]

First dishes*

Nettle's Ravioli "candies shape"
with ricotta and valuable  truffle
€ 18
[Caramelle verdi]

Egg "Gramignone"
with local sausage and porcini mushrooms sautéed in extra virgin olive oil
€ 14

Mezzelune with Eggplant
with Tomato and Smoked Ricotta
€ 16

Ravioli with Zucchini and Smoked Provola
with Tomato Concassé and Spices
€ 16
[Ravioli zucchine e provola]

Homemade tortellini
in broth
€ 16
[gluten-mustard-milk-eggs-sulfur dioxide-celery]

Ricotta Ravioli
with Porcini Mushrooms
€ 16
[Tortelloni ai Porcini]

Guitar spaghetti
with julienned vegetables and flakes of Pecorino di fossa
€ 13

Buffalo Ricotta Tortelloni
with Seasonal Truffle
€ 19
[Ravioli bufala]

Tagliatelle with Ragù
in the “Old Way”
€ 13
[gluten-mustard-eggs-sulfur dioxide]
[Tagliatelle al ragù]

with Culatello and Asparagus
€ 16
[gluten-mustard-milk-sulfur dioxide]

Second courses*

Fillet of Veal
stuffed with raw Ham and Grana Padano and
Asparagus tips
€ 18
[gluten-mustard-eggs-milk-sulfur dioxide]

Fillet of Beef  with green pepper
curry scented
€ 25
[gluten-mustard-milk-sulfur dioxide-celery]

Smoked Scamorza 
with Porcini and Speck Gran King
€ 12
[milk-sulfur dioxide]

​Fassona tartare
with a veil of marinated Egg yolk whit sauces and bread chips 
€ 23

Delicious skewers
(veal, turkey, pork and bacon) on a bed of Misticanza and Citronette with aromatic herbs
€ 15
[sulfur dioxide]

Veal cutlet on the bone "Petroniana"
glazed with raw ham, parmesan flakes, cream
and seasonal truffle
€ 24
[gluten-mustard-milk-eggs-sulfur dioxide]

Irish Veal Roast Beef
with Mixed Greens, Shaved Aged Pecorino Cheese, and Balsamic Reduction
[gluten-mustard-milk-sulfur dioxide]

Chicken strips
with Vegetables Julienne and Pecorino fossa cheese
€ 15

Black Angus
€ 5/hectogram

di Manzo irlandese
€ 4/hectogram

The side dishes*

Potato Chips 
€ 5
[gluten-mustard-sulfur dioxide]
[Chips di patate]

Baked Potatoes
Black Cyprus Salt
€ 5
[Patate al  forno]

€ 6,5
[Verdure grigliate]

€ 5

mushrooms fried
€ 6,5
[Porcini fritti]

The house's sweets*

Sorbets and ice creams*

€ 6

€ 7

Spoon desserts*
€ 6

€ 6

The Dessert of the "Locanda"*

Ask our staff for the desserts of the day, created by the chef

*We cannot exclude any cross-contamination in our desserts, so,

in case of allergens and / or food intolerances,

ask the dining room staff for details of the ingredients

Our dishes contain the indicated allergens and cross-contamination cannot be excluded.
In the absence of fresh products, the underlined products are frozen, deep-frozen or blast chilled.

*Cover charge and bread €2.80

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