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such as tortellini in capon broth, the noodles at the “Romagnola” or with Bolognese old way sauce and main meat as the "Bolognese Cutlet"and "the Petroniana" with truffles, as well as various dishes with porcini and white and black truffle from territory. Entering the restaurant you will be welcomed by the odour of freshly baked bread and the scent of sweet genuine.
The pasta is stetched with the rolling pin for a better guarantee of genuineness; the staff will be on hand for the selection of wines and vegetarian menus.
The owners are happy to organize your business dinners, corporate parties, graduation, weddings and your every anniversary.

Il nostro Staff
Il nostro team è più di una squadra, siamo un gruppo di amici che condivide la stessa passione per la buona cucina e l'ospitalità sincera. Siamo pronti ad accogliervi e a farvi sentire parte della nostra famiglia gastronomica alla Vecchia Locanda!

Sabrina e Gaetano

Sabrina and Gaetano are not only the owners of the restaurant, but also the heart and soul of Vecchia Locanda. Their dedication and passion for Emilian cuisine - and beyond - are reflected in every dish, turning it into a memorable experience. Their welcoming management creates a warm and familial atmosphere, welcoming customers as if they were guests in their own home


Manuel Cardellini

Our friendly assistant chef has been with our team for two years now, infusing a contagious enthusiasm into the kitchen. His friendly nature and collaborative spirit have not only helped create a positive work environment but have also made the atmosphere in the kitchen vibrant and energetic


Marcello Bigoni

Marcello has been the talented chef at our stoves since 2015. Not only is he skilled in food preparation, but he also pays attention to aesthetics and taste. His ability to prepare delicious desserts adds a special touch to the overall gastronomic experience of our restaurant


Lara Varignana

Our exceptional waitress, a diligent, kind, and always smiling professional. Her dedication to service is evident in every gesture: she consistently strives to ensure that every customer feels welcomed. Her contagious smile not only greets customers but also helps to create a positive and relaxed atmosphere

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